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The Pawgress Report: Good things come in pairs

By Nick Murphy

Meet Cosmo and Reggie, sophomore Brianna Schneider’s cuddle-craving, pasta-hating, all- around quizzical pooches.

While the two pups ended up in the Schneiders’ home, their journeys to get there were quite different.

The Schneiders were initially looking to adopt a small dog, but when Cosmo, the half-border collie half-German shepherd mix jumped up and starting kissing everyone, they quickly had a change of heart.

Then came Reggie, the Schneiders’ schnoodle – a schnauzer-poodle. “My parents had no idea about Reggie ... until we brought him home. My siblings and I just decided to get another dog. Our parents were mad, but my dad thought it was funny. Besides, they fell in love with him about two days later,” said Schneider.

“We picked out Reggie because he was so relaxed and super quiet,” she said. Yet little did the Schneiders know the spazzy schnoodle wouldn’t keep quiet for long.

“Now, he barks all the time ... sometimes even at 2 in the morning,” she added.

Unlike her younger brother, Cosmo stays relatively quiet unless someone she doesn’t know enters the house. “She’s 13 now, but she’s still an alert watch dog,” Schneider said.

According to Schneider, Cosmo wasn’t always so calm. “When she was a puppy, she ended up chewing through two of our couches.”

Cosmo has since given up her couch-consuming ways, but she sure loves sleeping on them.

While Cosmo prefers to be a total couch potato, Reggie is up and about hopping and hoping to land a spot on “Dancing with the Stars.” “Reggie will actually start dancing to music, and if you hold a treat, you can make him do all sorts of twists and spins. It’s really funny to watch,” said Schneider.

Despite their different personalities, the two pups still Wnd some common ground when it comes to food. “They both love to eat. They will eat anything ... well almost anything. I don’t know why, but they both hate pasta,” said Schneider.

If there’s one thing Cosmo and Reggie hate more than pasta, it’s bath time. “They both despise the tub. Reggie will calm down after a little bit, but Cosmo has a tendency to jump out of the tub and run around, soaking the entire house in the process,” said Schneider.

Cosmo’s mischief doesn’t stop there. “This one time, we had friends over for a party. We left the garage door open so people could get in. Little did we know, Cosmo had got out and killed an opossum, only to bring it inside. I saw her drop something on the ground and walk away. I thought it was one her toys. I went to kick it out of the way and then I realized it wasn’t a toy. ... I must have Lysoled my foot for 10 minutes,” Schneider said.

Between Reggie’s dancing and Cosmo’s shenanigans, these two canines are undeniably the life of the party.

Editor’s note: “The Pawgress Report” is a bi-weekly column featuring FSU students and their dogs.



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