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The Pawgress Report: Lovable Labs

By Nick Murphy

Introducing Lilly and Logan, freshman Keelin Ackerley’s fun-loving labrador retrievers.

The Ackerleys found both Lilly and Logan while looking for puppies online. Before long, they drove up to New Hampshire to meet them. “My family and I fell in love with them right away. ... That same day, we took them both home.”

With the puppy siblings safely snuggled in the back seat, it was time for a new journey to begin.

While introducing a puppy to a new home can be challenging, the Ackerleys would soon learn that introducing two at the same time can be a circus. “They had some difficulty getting acclimated at first,” Ackerley said.

After diligently exploring the inside of the house, the pups decided it was time to venture outdoors. Nothing would stand in their way.

Well ... almost nothing.

After mustering up enough courage, the bumbling labs sprinted toward the grass with increasing speed and clumsiness. Logan took the lead, but his victory was short-lived, as he came to a screeching halt with a sudden thud.

Despite seeing her brother wipe out, Lilly charged on, determined to reach the yard. She passed Logan for a split second only to tumble into a puppy faceplant worthy of its own Windex commercial.

Sliding glass door two, labs zero.

As the years passed, Lilly and Logan adjusted to their home without much hassle. However, their sense of curiosity and playfulness remained. “Logan loves to chase after a flashlight. It’s so funny to watch him run around the room as he paws at and tries to catch the light,” she said.

Occasionally, Ackerley will send Logan spinning by circling the light around him. “He likes it, but he ends up getting dizzy, which looks so silly,” she added.

However, acting silly is no problem for Logan and Lilly, as the two love to entertain. When the holidays come around, you better believe the pups are taking part.

When Halloween rolls around, Logan roams around in his Batman mask awaiting the arrival of trick-or-treaters. Don’t worry, he won’t steal your candy, but he may steal your heart.

If that doesn’t win you over, just wait until Christmas. Logan has his own pair of antlers. No explanation needed here.


While Logan is busy giving Rudolph some stiff competition, Lilly prefers to hang out under a blanket and cuddle up with whomever is willing to give her attention.

When the festivities settle down, the pair enjoy their favorite snack, two Kong toys, generously filled with frozen peanut butter.

After all, it’s impossible not to spoil these lovable labs.


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