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The Pawgress Report: The Melody you won’t forget

By Nick Murphy

Introducing Melody, sophomore Maria Hornbaker’s pampered, panda-masked Border Collie-Terrier mix.

The Hornbakers’ search for a new forever friend ended when they met Annie at Holliston Meadows Pet Resort back in 2008.

It wasn’t long before Annie’s calm and collected demeanor had charmed the entire family. “She was so interested in us and she came right up to us when we went to play with her. She was an automatic click with the family and we got to take her home that very same day,” said Hornbaker.

According to Hornbaker, Annie made her journey to the kennel after she was rescued and shipped up from Ohio.

While Annie was a perfect fit for the family, her name was about to get a musical makeover.

“She never really responded to Annie, so on the car ride home we started thinking of names. Annie started whimpering on the ride and it sounded like she was singing a song or humming a melody, so we decided to name her Melody and it stuck,” she said.

Despite having a new, loving home, Melody faced a difficult first few months. Hornbaker said, “Not long after we brought her home, we found out she was sick with worms and she had a few skin patches. She was also skittish around new people at first, especially men.”

Hornbaker said that after weeks of training, treatment and some TLC, Melody was cured of her ailments and she really opened up to be the happy and playful pup she is today.

“She’s become a total diva. You can’t yell at her anymore because she knows nothing will happen and she knows we won’t stay mad. You can’t stay mad at a face like that.”

If bright, soulful eyes and a panda-masked face don’t tug on your heart strings, Melody’s quirky personality will seal the deal.

“She loves this KONG® toy we bought her and if she wants you to play with her, she won’t bring it to you. Instead, she will pick it up, throw it, look at it, then look at you until you go get it and throw it for her,” she said.

For Melody, no KONG® toy is complete without carrots. Hornbaker said, “She is obsessed with carrots and her KONG® toy has treat holders on both sides, so we often put a few in there for her.”

While It didn’t take long for Melody to love her KONG®, she was far more alarmed by her first squeaker toy. “When my sister and I first bought her a squeaker toy, she was super unsure about it because it made noise. Whenever we would squeeze it, she barked, so for the rest of the night she would gently pick the toy up so it wouldn’t squeak. That night she even slept with it under her paws,” she said.

Melody loves her entire family, but she sure has no problem picking favorites. “She has really become my mom’s dog over the years. She loves when my mom sings and my mom and her play this game called ‘peeka-puppy,’ where my mom will hide somewhere in the house and when she hears Melody coming, she’ll jump out at her and Melody gets so excited and wags like crazy,” she said.

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