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Three Rams recognized on conference sportsmanship teams

Silhouette of someone playing basketball.
Emily Monaco / THE GATEPOST
Silhouette of a hockey player.
Emily Monaco / THE GATEPOST

By Adam Levine

Sports Editor

The Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference (MASCAC) announced the 2024 Winter Sportsmanship Teams March 20.

Each sport has a sportsmanship team of six players - one from each team in the MASCAC - who were chosen by their coaches, according to a MASCAC press release.

Framingham’s Bryan Thompson, Patrick Colgan, and Jenna Tavanese earned a spot on the men’s basketball, men’s ice hockey, and women’s basketball sportsmanship teams, respectively.

Thompson, a senior, said it is an honor to be chosen for a spot on the team and said he appreciates everyone on the Framingham men’s basketball coaching staff.

He said sportsmanship is about being a leader and building people up. Thompson said it is “making people better around me and also being there for others, even on the other team.

“Sportsmanship means a lot to me because I was just always taught to bring someone up and always help on the court and off the court,” he added.

“I try to help my teammates by just showing them and just being me every day, so they can see how to lead, show good sportsmanship, and pick people up,” Thompson said.

Colgan, a senior captain, said, “It feels really good to have been selected by our coaches for this honor.”

He said sportsmanship is a “respect for the game. I believe that if you respect the game, then the game will respect you. 

“Sportsmanship breeds competition amongst athletes in a lot of great ways. The more respect you have for the game and for your opponent, the more you’re willing to battle,” Colgan added.

As a graduating senior, he said, “I know that my teammates will continue to promote positive sportsmanship because the locker room is full of good guys who love the game.

“Positive cultures promote positive people and positive people promote positive sportsmanship,” added Colgan.

Tavenese, a senior captain, said, “It’s an absolute honor that Coach Paschal selected me to the sportsmanship team this year. I always am my teammates’ number one fan, so for it to be recognized is amazing.”

She said, “To me, sportsmanship is not only loving the game you play, but fostering a love for your teammates and coaches outside of the court. … [It] is not only rooting for my teammates, but picking them up when they are down. Sportsmanship is about being the loudest one cheering on your teammates.”

Tavanese said she promotes sportsmanship on and off the court by encouraging her teammates to cheer for one another, “no matter what situation we are in.

“Outside of basketball, I check in on my teammates to make sure they are OK. We built such a strong culture where you can see sportsmanship is evident,” she added.

As a graduating senior, she said, “I hope my teammates continue to cheer everyone on and promote a positive attitude on and off the court. It’s important to have a strong culture where girls are supporting girls.”



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