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What does The Gatepost mean to you?

By Kathleen Moore

What does The Gatepost mean to you?

“The phrase under The Gatepost masthead says it all: “Framingham State’s award-winning independent newspaper since 1932.” That is: it is an integral part of the University; its quality has resulted in deserved recognition, it is independent (that is, it is a voice for the students), and it has a proud history.” -Dale Hamel, Executive Vice President, Administration and Finance

“The Gatepost is a symbol of pride and journalistic excellence on our campus. The hard work that goes into the paper, as well as the bonds that are formed between students during all-night sessions to meet publishing deadlines, are what the college experience is all about. The numerous awards the paper has received over the years speak to the high degree of quality and eWort that goes into each issue.” -Javier Cevallos, President

“The Gatepost represents a student operated organization that is a voice for the FSU student

community, by the student community. In addition to featuring events and activities of interest to the campus community, The Gatepost gives student journalists a real life opportunity to practice their craft within the University environment. Unlike other writings, journalism’s intent is to engage the reader in the topic and to provide perspectives on a subject that might inform or influence their opinion. So many people receive their “news” from social media or broadcast media – often with unchecked sources or content. Newspaper journalism relies on an individual reporter or writer’s ability to gather all of the available sources and information, present them honestly and then summarize the content that puts it [all together] for the reader. I’m so glad that Framingham State University has preserved and continues to support The Gatepost and student journalism and expression in general.” -Ann McDonald, Chief of Staff, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Trustees

“The Gatepost is the voice of the students and provides an invaluable service to the campus community through rigorous journalism and ensuring everyone in the community knows what is happening on campus. Independent student journalism is one of the most important traditions in American higher education, and Framingham State is very fortunate to have had one of the best collegiate newspapers in the nation for 90 years.” -Eric Gustafson, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations

“I always read it, so I think it’s a great way to have a pulse check as far as what students are thinking. So as a trustee, I think that’s, again, the emphasis on the students and the student experience – to me. The Gatepost is a great way to get that pulse of what the students are thinking as far as on campus. So there’s great value there and it’s really great seeing as far as some of the activities that are going on, what some of the concerns are to some of the students. So to me, I think The Gatepost has been a great venue throughout its time. I remember reading it cover-to-cover when I was a student waiting between classes and I do think there’s a great value that The Gatepost does present to the greater community.” - Kevin Foley, Chair of the Board of Trustees

“It represents a long-term commitment to educating future professional journalists and an

understanding in the wider community about the importance of the tradition of a free press.” -Lorretta Holloway, Vice President, Enrollment and Student Development

“The Gatepost has always stood, to me, as an exemplar of FSU students’ talent, insight, and integrity. The writing is excellent, the editorials thoughtful and impassioned, and the reporting unfailingly honest, balanced, and forthright.” -Ellen Zimmerman, Interim Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs

“The Gatepost is meaningful to me on a number of levels: as an undergrad, an employee of FSU, and now as an alum and president of the Independent Association of Framingham State Alumni. As a commuter student, I looked forward to The Gatepost as a source of campus news and events. As director of the Christa McAuliffe Center, I always appreciated the accurate and comprehensive coverage The Gatepost editors and staff provided in covering events and interviews at the center. Past Gatepost editor Suzanne McDonald served as a flight director in the Challenger Learning Center and did an exemplary job there. As president of IAFSA, I have been interviewed by The Gatepost and appreciated the coverage of our Independent Alumni Association immensely. It is also my honor to serve on the Board with past Gatepost editor, Joyce Donahue, class of ’61. Thank you, Gatepost!” -Mary Liscombe, IAFSA President

What do you value most about The Gatepost?

“The noted ‘independence’ provides a voice for the student body that is unique and persuasive.” -Dale Hamel, Executive Vice President, Administration and Finance

“I look forward to reading through The Gatepost every week. I value the information it provides our community and the insight it gives me into what our students are talking about and thinking about. It holds the administration accountable when necessary and helps us do our jobs better. Simply put, Framingham State University would not be the same without it.” -Javier Cevallos, President

“What I value most about The Gatepost is the student operation of the enterprise. The University experience has always been intended to be about more than classroom learning. Students learn, grow and develop intellectually, socially, and emotionally through their college years and being able to try out career options or participate in a co-curricular activity just for the sheer enjoyment of it contributes to that process. The Gatepost gives student writers and photographers opportunities that may spark a flame for writing and journalism that will last a lifetime or simply provide an outlet for a budding writer to practice their craft. Either way, this reputable student organization gives an opportunity for students to come together and contribute to a product that reaches the whole FSU community.” -Ann McDonald, Chief of Staff, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Trustees

“We are living in an era some have dubbed post-truth, where having true facts and an official record of news and events is more important than ever. Within our campus community, to have a newspaper of the caliber of The Gatepost that produces consistently high-quality journalism, is more important than ever.” -Eric Gustafson, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations

“I think it is really the connectivity and the thoughts of campus, the students, and hearing what they’re working on. ... But it really is about that pulse check and full-learning campus experience.” -Kevin Foley, Chair of the Board of Trustees

“I value the wide variety of student experiences and concerns that get presented in the paper. I also value the reliability of The Gatepost to be at certain meetings to cover news on campus like the SGA Administrators’ Forum and the Board of Trustees meetings. It is gratifying to know that because of the presence of Gatepost reporters that what I share with the students who have time to attend a forum or with the Board of Trustees and campus community members who attend those meetings will get shared with the wider community.” -Lorretta Holloway, Vice President, Enrollment and Student Development

“The Gatepost is an important element in our sense of community at FSU. Not only does it provide timely information, but also is both a forum and springboard for discussion of campus and wider world issues. The many informal surveys conducted over the years have given community members a voice on issues that otherwise might be less broadly discussed. It also provides students interested in writing and/or photography a wonderful opportunity to hone their skills. The Gatepost greatly enhances the vibrancy of our community.” -Ellen Zimmerman, Interim Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs

“Ninety years! What an amazing accomplishment! In good times and bad, we can count on The Gatepost to cover stories in a fair and equitable way while voicing ideas and concerns of the students of Framingham State. Congratulations!” -Mary Liscombe, IAFSA President



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