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Women’s soccer shuts out Salem State

A photo of Rams Women's Soccer playing a game against Salem State University.
Leighah Beausoleil / THE GATEPOST

By Josh Colburn

Framingham State Women’s Soccer held Salem State scoreless, winning the match 1-0 Oct. 2.

The Drst goal of the match came early at the 7-minute mark of the first half after a series of events occurred leading to sophomore Calen Frongillo knocking down an open shot to put the Ram’s up 1-0.

Frongillo described how the goal was set up.

“My teammate took a long shot, which the goalie fumbled. My other teammate crashed the net and put pressure on the goalie and defense so that they had to kick the ball away,” said Frongillo.

These events set up an open shot right in front of the goal.

“The ball came right to my feet and without hesitation, I was able to put it in the back of the net,” she said.

Frongillo described her emotions when scoring the goal, “Honestly, I was shocked to get the ball so wide open at the top of the box but I knew that there was no other option but to score it.”

With the goal happening so early in the game, there was still a lot of work to do for the Rams to ensure the win and keep Salem State at bay.

The defense had to lock in to secure the lead and the win for the rest of the game, and that is exactly what happened.

“Our back line stepped up and made some key stops to keep them scoreless,” said freshman Jetta Oskirko.

While it takes skill to play good defense, Oskirko also highlighted other reasons why they were so successful on that end.

“Our communication was at an all-time high and that helped us stay organized and keep the ball out of the back of the net,” she said.

Oskirko also made a number of key saves to help the Rams keep the lead throughout the game and had five saves in total for the match.

Looking ahead, the Rams look to continue this type of performance.

“This is definitely a game we can build o2 of in terms of intensity and our mindset on the field,” said Oskirko.

The skills are there for the Rams – now, it’s about putting it all together.

“We have so much individual talent and we just need to convert this into team talent. I believe that we could finish as one of the top teams in our bracket if we keep working for it,” said Frongillo.


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