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Women’s Volleyball falls in intense MASCAC game against Westfield

A photo of Rams Women's Volleyball playing a game against Westfield State University.
Danielle Achin / THE GATEPOST

By Danielle Achin

In an intense 7ve set game, Framingham State fell to Westfield State 3-2 in the last match Sept. 25.

Sophomore Emily Flaherty commented on the team’s dynamic despite the devastating loss.

“I honestly think we played great,” Flaherty said. “There was not one second we ever gave up and I’m really proud of my team for that. We really can’t ask for much more.”

Flaherty is from Milford, New Hampshire, and has made four assists, 73 digs, and two kills so far this season.

In the first, the Rams were fired up on the court taking the lead and keeping ahead of the Owls where they took the opening set 25-17, giving the 7rst point to Framingham State.

Opening the second, which was the most intense set of the game, the Owls came back hard, not allowing the Rams to take the 2-0 lead.

Tying the set 24-24, both teams traded of points until Westfield ultimately took the lead with a set of kills closing the match 33-31 giving the Owls the point and tying the game 1-1.

The third set, the Owls trailed 8-1, the Rams pushed for the 2-1 advantage and took a 20-13 lead before closing the set 25-21.

After tying 9-9, the Owls came back taking the lead and closing the set 25-18 in the fourth set of the game.

In an intense tied game, the deciding set is won by the team who scores to 15 points instead of 25.

The Owls opened up the set in a 8-4 lead. The Rams attempted their 7nal push of the game before falling to Westfield 7nishing the set 15-10 securing the victory in the final match.

Evening out their overall 6-6, The Rams spirit is not discouraged looking to get back in action

Wednesday night when they travel to Massachusetts Maritime for another MASCAC match.

“I’m excited to watch our team to its full potential. We have much more than that,” freshman Haley Gaskin said. “Everybody on this team is more than capable and we’re excited for every day.”

Gaskin has made 18 attacks and assists, 82 digs, and has scored 14.5 points this season.

Head Coach Richard Casali has guided the Rams to four NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) tournament appearances in the past six seasons and is in his 18th season as head coach.

Casali also highlighted his team’s dynamic after the game.

“That’s the good thing,” he added. “They don’t quit. Everybody on the bench is ready to play and we’ll work next week’s practices on new rotations and getting comfortable playing these spots on the floor.”


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