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Caputo qualifies for DIII New Englands

Photo Credit: Frank Poulin Photography

By Adam Levine

Sports Editor

Alyssa Caputo, a sophomore thrower on the women’s track and field team, threw 36.32 meters in the women’s discus throw at the Regis Spring Classic at Regis College April 6.

She placed first in the event, setting a personal and school record.

Caputo's throw qualified her for the DIII New England Championships May 6, passing the qualifying distance of 34.4 meters.

She said she is the first athlete from FSU to qualify for the event. “It makes me very proud of myself to be able to represent our team at a competition like this.

“I can’t thank my coaches enough for the support and effort they put into this team and me,” she said.

Framingham’s distance and throws coach, Mark Johnson, said this is “huge on so many levels” for the track and field team.

Caputo said this achievement was a goal of hers when she came to FSU. “This goal felt like such a reach and I never thought it would happen this season.

“I am so excited and proud of myself that I was able to accomplish this this season,” she added.

Caputo said she keeps replaying the moment she qualified in her head. “As soon as I released the disc, I could see it flying way further than I ever have thrown.

“As soon as the official said the measurement, I was so happy and excited that I ran over to my teammate Kaylee Beck and jumped in her arms,” Caputo added.

She said, “To prepare for the championship, I am going to continue to work on my technique, speed, and strength over these next few weeks.”

Johnson said the community can “100%” expect more qualifiers in years to come.

He said, “Just keep pushing forward and proving to the state and the region that Framingham State is on the up and up.”

Caputo said this achievement is important to the team and shows “we can compete at a high level.”

She said this demonstrates the “hard work we have been putting in - it shows in the results we are achieving.”



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