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Class officers voted in at SGA elections

By Alexandra Gomes

First year students selected Freshmen class o3cers in the SGA fall election on Sept. 30. One hundred and seventy six students voted.

The Class of 2018 elected Brian Leonard as president, Jackie Carlson as Vice President, Jace Williams as Treasurer and Alexandra Brower as Secretary. Additionally, Liam Burns, Bridget Green, Dayna Marchant and Bianca Perla were elected as senators.

The Class of 2017 elected SGA Secretary Kaylee Brazell as president. Jenna Corsi and Samantha Petracca were elected as senators.

Students voted in Karl Bryan, Jack Capello, Laura Cranshaw, Kandace Kemers, Kristen Hoey, Liang Noinala and Patrick O’Conner as Senators-at-Large for the 2014-15 academic year.

During the SGA meeting held the same day as elections, senators approved a request by the Equestrian Club. Formed during the Spring 2014 semester, the club requested $1,650 to fund their first major event.

The event, according to Equestrian Club President Rachel Holland, will be horseback riding at Bobby’s Ranch in Acton on Nov. 2.

According to Holland, $1,200 of the funds would pay for 30 $40 tickets and $450 would go toward paying for a bus to the ranch.

Although the tickets cost $40 to purchase, students will only need to pay $10, said Holland.

She added the event is open to all members of campus (not just members of the Equestrian club) and experience with riding is not a factor of eligibility.

As there are only 15 horses available to ride at a time, the plan is to have two separate one-hour rides with 15 participants per ride.

Those who are not riding can “talk to employees about the horses and can see what other animals they have,” according to the official funding request.

The event will last for approximately two hours. Lunch and equipment will be provided.

The funding request was approved by senators.

Senators approves a funding request from the Anime Club for $1,562.

The funds, according to Anime Club President and Representative Stanislaw Arasimowicz, are intended to pay for prizes for a Halloween Scavenger Hunt to be held on Oct. 31, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

The event will be open to all students, said Arasimowicz. Participation requires no sign-up. Participants do not need to wear a costume – all they must do is check in at the McCarthy Center patio.

Upon checking in, participants will receive a silicone wristband (which serves as proof of participation as well as a consolation prize), a punch card and their first clue.

The clues direct participants to various locations on campus, staffed by “at least two” members of the Anime Club, said Arasimowicz. Upon reaching a location, the participants will hand their punch card to one of the club members, and a hole will be punched in the card.

The club members staffing each location will have been cleared by Campus Police to avoid assumptions of unlawful loitering. In order to prevent cheating, each hole-punch will have a unique design, and the cards must be punched in the proper order.

Once participants reach the ]nal location, they will receive a “goodie bag” filled with candy and various promotional items from the Anime club.

Unused prizes will be redistributed at various Anime Club events, said Arasimowicz.

As a precautionary measure in case of rain, the McCarthy Center patio will be reserved for two days and the unused day will be “released.”

The second “rain-check” day will be determined as soon as possible.

In other news:

• Proposed changes and amendments for FSU Dance Team’s constitution – most of which involved choreography and membership policy – were approved by senators.

• SGA President Kendall Valente announced during her o3cer report that Secretary Kaylee Brazell was voted as SGA eBoard Member of the Month.

• Senator Kristen Corbett was voted Senator of the Month.

• According to a letter from FSU Student Trustee Brandon Martinez, who was unable to attend the meeting, on campus lighting issues have been identified and an initiative is planned to determine which locations are most problematic.

• The “You Rock!” rock, introduced by last year’s Social Events Coordinator Scott Shea, will return starting next week. The rock is given by the current holder to a senator who has done something which warrants the phrase, “You rock!”

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