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COVID-19 just got served

By Danielle Achin

Since the MASCAC presidents made the difficult decision to cancel the fall and spring semester athletic conference competition, FSU’s volleyball team looks forward to being back on the court next fall for another year of eligibility to play.

Alyssa Cafarelli, a junior education major, said the team was extremely sad waking up to the


“When I got the news regarding our season being canceled in the fall, I was very devastated to say the least. It was the first thing I woke up to that morning and it completely ruined the day,” she said.

Although the highly contagious nature of the COVID-19 virus and the risk of community spread proved too great a risk to student-athletes, the University continues to provide on-campus, in-person practices during the spring semester.

“We have all been given an extra year of eligibility and I plan on staying two more seasons to complete all four years of my collegiate career,” Cafarelli said.

Cafarelli is originally from Peoria, Arizona, graduating from Liberty High School. She began playing volleyball when she was 6 years old and has stuck with it ever since.

“One of my elementary school teachers was a club volleyball coach and encouraged me to try it out,” Cafarelli said. “I never touched a volleyball once before those tryouts and trusted my athleticism and hard work to allow me to succeed.”

She finished her season with 504 digs, 49 service aces, and 7 kills.

Cafarelli said the team has been some of her best supporters both on and oX the court.

She said she works hard to be the leader in the back row and helps younger women feel comfortable while playing. Cafarelli emphasized how motivated the women are to play once again, and they show much strength in the future seasons ahead.

“This team is full of so much potential and always working to improve their skills. The dedication and hard work from this team will help us Gnd success in future seasons,” she said.

The Framingham State University Athletic Department will soon release plans and information for modified seasons for fall sports, and all student-athletes are encouraged to follow the University and Athletic Department’s updates regarding the upcoming seasons.

Cafarelli gave some advice to the future athletes of FSU having experienced the possibility of her athletic career come to an abrupt end.

“To the underclassmen, I just want to let you all know to never take a practice or game for granted. You never have any idea when it could be your last,” she said.

“Go out there giving 110% and always enjoy the game. Smiling and laughing through the game always makes those crazy moments more enjoyable. Take that risk in your career or life, as it could positively impact you forever!”


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