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Ferr or Foul: The future of the NBA

By Matt Ferris

The number one overall pick in 2016, Ben Simmons, has taken the NBA by storm.

After missing the entire 2016 season, Simmons made his debut this season and has been as good as advertised.

Not only has Simmons been head and shoulders above the other NBA rookies, but he has been one of the league’s best players in general, playing at an MVP level.

Simmons is currently averaging just under 18 points, on 50 percent shooting, while grabbing 9.8 rebounds and dishing out 7.5 assists per game.

On top of the individual accolades, Simmons also has the Philadelphia 76ers playing as serious playoff threats – something that hasn’t happened in Ove years.

This couldn’t be any further from the 76ers of recent memory, who were completely uncompetitive. The 76ers have earned a top three pick in every draft since 2014.

Now, with Simmons playing the point and running the show in Philadelphia, the future is bright, and 76ers fans have something to be excited about.

Not only is Simmons going to be the face of the 76ers franchise for many years to come, but he will also be the face of the NBA within a couple of years.

With LeBron James turning 33 years old this year, the NBA is looking for someone to turn the league over to, and Simmons is that guy.

Sure, there are other options like Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo, Minnesota’s Karl-Anthony Towns or Los Angeles’ Lonzo Ball, who are all very good in their own right, but Simmons is a 6-foot-10 point guard. The NBA hasn’t seen anything like this since Magic Johnson joined the league in 1979.

With the exception of the three-point shot, Simmons can do anything on an NBA floor – you name it, and Simmons can do it.

If Simmons can develop a jump shot, his potential is unlimited.

Simmons’ known shooting struggles still don’t prevent him from getting to the basket any time he wants. Now imagine if defenders have to respect a jumper – he will be unstoppable.

Becoming the face of the NBA will be a big step for a 21-year-old man, but one he is capable of taking. Just ask the 76ers and Simmons’ sidekick Joel Embiid. If he just “trusts the process,” the league will be his.



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