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FSU volleyball takes the 3-0 win over Northern Vermont University

By Danielle Achin

Sports Editor

The FSU volleyball team dominated on home court securing the 3-0 victory against Northern Vermont University - Lyndon Sept. 20.

Both teams set up on the court ready to spike, but FSU was determined not to let a repeat of last week's frustrating 3-2 loss against St. Joseph’s College of Maine happen.

Despite the Hornets being the first to add to the board, the Rams brushed it off and took control of the court.

Framingham immediately tallied points, and it didn’t take long before the Rams were leading by 12 against the Hornets. By the end of the first set, the Rams only let up four points, winning the set 25-4.

Their stamina showed no signs of slowing heading into the second set. The Hornets gave their last bit of strength and managed to trail 8-4 at the start of the set.

FSU once again took control and led by a 14-point margin before winning the set 25-5.

In the third and final set, not only did FSU take the victory, but they let up the least number of points of the game.

Right from the start, the Rams ran away with the lead 15-1.

The Hornets managed a two-point streak in the middle of the set, increasing their lead to a 15-3 score before the Rams finished it off leading by a 10-point margin, ending the game with a 25-3 victory.

Junior outside hitter Anna Szymanski said she felt good coming out with a win after last game’s defeat.

“We really came together as a team. We have some pretty tough games heading into this weekend with our first league game, so we’re glad we came together now and I think we’ll do well this weekend,” she said.

Szymanski reiterated the team's dynamic and the way they executed in the game came from the strength and trust they have built together over the season.

“We’re just really working hard to make sure there are fewer errors on our side of the court so we get better each game,” she added.

Junior middle blocker and hitter Hailey Sanders was also more than pleased with her team's performance, commenting, “We’re definitely starting to click, and I was happy to see everyone be able to be put in because we all work so hard at practice.”

The team looks to start their conference season this weekend, Sept. 24, when they will be facing off against the Westfield State Owls.



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