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Intruder discovered in Henry E. Whittemore Library

A photo of a taped-off area in the Henry E. Wittemore Library.
Sophia Harris / THE GATEPOST

By Ashlyn Kelly

An intruder was discovered in the Henry E. Whittemore Library Oct. 6, according to Millie González,

interim library dean.

In an email, González said the intruder was using one of the library staff’s offices to “hide” in.

She added the person was “defecating and urinating in the office and in other areas in the library.”

According to González, Facilities has hired a company to disinfect the area.

The library office will now be closed in the evening and on the weekends, she said.

González asked library staff to inform her if they find anything else “strange.”

The Framingham State University Police Department was called and is now investigating the incident.

González said she did not have any more information about the intruder at the time of publication.

She added, “As a team, we will continue to keep our library safe.”

The Gatepost will continue to investigate the situation as more information is discovered.


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