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Letter to the editor

As a resident at Framingham, living on campus has its numerous pros and the occasional cons. The biggest problem is the ever-present competition for Wi-Fi in every building on campus. This problem is present in the dorm rooms, library, McCarthy Center and even the athletic center. No matter where you are, the Wi-Fi completely shuts down, or is slower than molasses. How is one to do his or her homework which every teacher conveniently puts on Blackboard? Of course, the end of the semester is a complete mess, with everyone trying to finish their final papers and studying. Not to mention, half of the time, it’s just lazy students watching Netflix all day sucking up what little Wi-Fi is present. It is just a huge hassle

for students trying to actually get their assignments done on time. We end up having to stay up until the graveyard shift to try and catch a break. The Wi-Fi definitely has to be one of the biggest problems on campus, and hopefully, it will be fixed someday. One can only dream.

Danielle DiNardo

Class of 2016


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