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M.I.S.S. allocated $2,926.40

By Julia Sarcinelli

SGA approved funding requests for the Christian Fellowship, Dance Team, Fashion Club, SUAB, Math Club, M.I.S.S. and The Onyx at its meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 21.

Additionally, senators brought friends to the meeting so they could experience what SGA is like and to create interest in joining, according to President Ezequiel De Leon. Approximately 15 students attended.

Before entertaining funding requests, Parliamentarian Kyle Rosa presented a review of Robert’s Rules of Order. SGA abides by these rules when hearing requests.

Rosa said one amendment can be on the floor at a time. If a senator proposes to amend the funding request for a different amount, and if the amendment is seconded, it will go to debate before voting. If the amendment does not pass by a majority, it will then go back to open debate for the original request. If it does pass, it will be accepted.

M.I.S.S. requested $3,901.40 for a carnival event with activities such as an obstacle course and mechanical bull.

However, Senator Adam Scanlon opposed allocating any money for the request “due to it not falling into their mission statement,” which was passed by a majority of 8-7.

This amendment was then debated. Senator Molly Fennessey said the event does follow the club’s mission statement “because it brings the girls and the campus together.”

When the amendment was voted upon, eight senators opposed it. It went back to debate and Secretary Bridget Green said the event “is a good idea” but she didn’t think they needed as much money due to the small space for the event, which will be held in the old gym.

Green initially proposed an amendment to allocate $2,500 but had calculated wrong and changed the amount to $2,825.

Treasurer Sarah Horwitz then recalculated the amount and said the cost without the sumo wrestling costumes and mats was $2,926.40.

Senator Steven DeMeo said SGA should ask M.I.S.S. club members what they would prefer taken out instead of selecting an item.

The M.I.S.S. club members did not have any questions or comments before SGA voted.

This motion was passed, so M.I.S.S. received $2,926.40 instead of its original request of $3,901.40.

The Onyx originally requested $7,346 but changed the amount to $7,192.38 due to a change in the quote from the publication company for its annual publication.

Editor-in-Chief Emily Robinson said they increased the number of issues of The Onyx because they are having a release event and they had no issues left from their previous publication.

The Onyx was allocated $7,192.38.

SUAB was allocated $3,600 for their annual large performance.

They requested $2,000 for the backline and $1,600 for the opener for the concert, which will be Tuesday, March 21.

Christian Fellowship was allocated $1,495.81 for their Praise Night event.

The event will feature a performance by the Chris Allen Band and will be “a night to be together” for members, alumni and the campus community.

The date of the event was changed to March 20 to meet the SGA requirement of hosting the event at least 20 business days after receiving funding.

The Dance Team was allocated $1,971 for a photo contest and promotional T-shirts for Week of the Arts.

President Sam Florino said the photo contest will be held on Monday, March 27, and the winner will have the photo enlarged and framed to be hung up in the Game Room.

Fashion Club was allocated $1,700 for its Make It Work event. Secretary Rebecca Parker said the event is similar to Project Runway during which candidates are given a material and they have to create something out of it.

She added the event is open to anyone, and will be judged by a panel of professors on functionality, wearability and creativity.

The Math Club was allocated $1,353.30 for a trip to 5 Wits, a virtual reality room where students will have to use problem solving skills to find a way out, at Patriot Place.

[Editor’s Note: Emily Robinson is a member of The Gatepost.]



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