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Meet the Players Feb. 17, 2023

By Adam Levine

Sport Editor

Matt Irwin against Plymouth State Dec. 12. Credit. Adrien Gobin /THE GATEPOST

Ice Hockey - Matt Irwin

Matt Irwin, 23, is one of the two assistant captains on the Rams’ ice hockey team and is a member of the Rams’ Class of 2023. He is a criminology major and said he plans to become a police officer after college.

Irwin said that he has been playing hockey since he was young. He said, “I remember playing hockey since forever basically - my dad was a huge hockey fan.

“He got me playing as quickly as possible,” Irwin added.

Irwin said that the Rams’ ice hockey coaching staff is the reason he chose FSU. He said, “The way they treated their players and the way they treated me and the whole set up to coming here is what really made me want to come.”

Irwin said that his favorite part about campus is the academic opportunities he has had - especially the nutrition classes he took.

Irwin said that his favorite part about being on the hockey team is the bond that the team forms.

He said the COVID-19 season especially stood out to him. Irwin said, “We didn't have any hockey to do, we weren't going to class, so we just kind of all got together.

“That made me really close to my teammates,” he added.

Bryan Thompson against Fisher College Dec. 6 Credit. Adrien Gobin / THE GATEPOST

Men’s Basketball - Bryan Thompson

Bryan Thomspon, 21, is an early childhood major and a member of the Rams’ Class of 2024.

Thompson is a first-year transfer student and attended two colleges before FSU. He said, “Out of all the schools I've been to it's been the best school I've been at.”

Thompson decided to transfer to FSU because of the connection he formed with Head Coach Donald Morris. Thompson said, “I have never had a coach trust me how Coach Morris trusts me.

Thompson began playing basketball when he was young. He said, “I was growing up in a basketball family, so that's what it always was.”

Thompson said that his favorite part of being on the basketball team is the people - “being around basketball people that love the sport the same as I do,” he said.

Thompson said that his favorite part about campus is UCook at the Dining Commons.

Thompson said that he has been inspired by professional basketball player Tremont Waters, who he grew up with.

Thompson said, “Ever since I was young I always looked up to him.

“I actually work out with him and he keeps me on the right path,” he added.

Katie Haselton against MCLA. Credit. Adrien Gobin / THE GATEPOST

Women’s Basketball - Katie Haselton

Katie Haselton, 20, is a criminology major and a member of the Rams’ Class of 2025. She said she hopes to be a police officer or a detective after graduation.

Haselton said she began playing basketball in kindergarten on a recreational team that was coached by her dad. She said she played on her high school varsity team starting in eighth grade.

Haselton said that she was going to do a post-grad year before college, but she received an offer from Framingham State for basketball. She said, “It was kind of perfect.

“Framingham is a great area,” she added.

Haselton said her favorite part about campus are the academics. She said, “The courses that I've taken so far are really engaging.

“It's preparing me for after I graduate,” Haselton added.

Haselton said that among her favorite athletes are professional basketball player Marcus Smart and retired professional basketball player Kevin Garnett.

“I feel like I play similar too - I just always like their energy,” she added.

Haselton said that her favorite part of being on the team is her teammates. She said, “The FRAMily I mean, we don't just say it to say it."



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