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Rams’ Field Hockey earns second win of the season

By Leighah Beausoleil

FSU’s Field Hockey team 3nds themselves 2-1 this season after their 7-0 win against Regis College Sept. 15.

The team had a strong start with junior Isabella Kondi scoring the 3rst goal within two minutes of the start of the 3rst quarter with an assist from sophomore Angelina Serra.

Sophomore Kaitlin Loughlin proceeded to score another two goals in the quarter for the Rams first at 10:37 followed by the second at 14:48 – both were assisted by junior Corlene Guenard.

The beginning of the second quarter saw the Rams’ 3rst loss of control, but the team quickly gained it back as Serra scored their fourth goal of the game with assistance from Kondi at 16:41.

Five minutes following halftime, the Rams continued their winning streak with a goal scored by sophomore Abigail Clark with an assist from Guenard.

After three goal assists, Guenard scored herself in the fourth quarter at 48:03, with an assist from Clark.

The seventh and last goal of the game was gained by senior Jordyn O’Boyle with an assist from junior Bridgette Hasbrouck.

Guenard said she was able to play competitively her freshman year of college and that it feels “so good” to be back playing games again.

“I think the team has come back stronger,” she said.

She added how “amazing” it felt to be able to score a goal and make a couple of assists, crediting it to the “team’s connection.”

“I think we did pretty good,” Guenard said. “We definitely have to work on covering in the circle for the next game because the next team’s very offensive minded.”

Head Coach Allie Lucenta said it’s “so nice” to be able to play games again after last season.

“It was definitely tough going through a whole school year with only practicing and it was very nice to now get into regular games,” Lucenta said.

With last year’s freshmen unable to compete and this year’s new freshmen, half of the women on the team are new to competing on the college level, she said.

Lucenta added, it’s “great for them to be able to actually experience it and it kind of makes it like a fully new team because half of the girls are new.”

However, Lucenta said this makes them “super motivated and super hard working to be able to be successful this season,” Lucenta said.

She said the day’s game was “awesome” with lots of offensive playing.

“We had every player contribute and get on the field tonight, so that was great and there were girls that had never even scored before,” Lucenta added.

She said it was a “good start” to the season, and “hopefully we keep going.”


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