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Results of the SGA and class elections

Adrien Gobin / THE GATEPOST

By Branden LaCroix

News Editor


Name: Evelyn Campbell

Year: Class of 2025

Major: Marketing

Why I ran: I currently work as the outreach and events coordinator for SGA. There was a need [for people to run] for higher positions. I felt like I was qualified. … Dara [Barros, SGA president] actually inspired me a lot. … I said this during my speech, but I think my first goal, honestly, is to diversify SGA. I want everyone in the student body to be able to relate to at least one student that we have here on SGA. … I also said that I wanted to further support affinity groups. I've seen firsthand how they aren't always as supported as they should be, and I want them to be heard and seen. … And I think my third big point that I want to focus on is communication. That's within SGA itself, and that's also with SGA and other organizations, our FSU community, all of that.

Vice President

Name: Raffi Elkhoury

Year: Class of 2024

Major: Biochemistry

Why I ran: I've been involved in SGA for as long as I've been at Framingham State. So to me, it's like synonymous with just being a part of the community here. In my time, I've taken on more responsibility and I've had really amazing role models. I'm really sad to see them all go this year, but I'm really excited to see the new team kind of pick up that mantle. In terms of my goals, I want to increase collaboration with clubs, including affinity groups. I'm trying to do that through the President's Council and other than that, I just want to make SGA an inclusive space - a space where everybody can come, whether you're a member of SGA or whether you're just a student. … This office should be a space that's welcome to everybody.

Student Trustee

Name: Ryan Mikelis

Year: Class of 2024

Major: Political Science

Why I ran: Funny story about me is that my first year of college was completely remote. I was really concerned about making friends - feeling connected with campus - and I was concerned about how long COVID would last. Luckily, that following summer after my first year was the first year I actually became an orientation leader. And that was the very first step in my overarching involvement on campus. Since then, I have learned so, so much, and I continue to learn, and the networking connections I've made - the connections with administrators - all have helped me so dramatically. … I never even considered running for student trustee until current president Dara Barros was like, “Maybe you should consider it,” and I'm like, “That actually might be something that would be really beneficial and I could learn a lot from and I could also help other students get a lot out of it.” So, I did. My goal going into this position is to work very closely with the board next year and to do my absolute best in representing the current student body, making sure everyone feels heard, seen and appreciated, no matter the club, organization, or student.

Outreach and events coordinator

Name: Liv West

Year: Class of 2026

Major: Psychology

Why I ran: This is my first year, so I was a senator. And I just joined to make some friends and learn more stuff about the school, and being inspired by our new president, I'm taking her position, which is the outreach and events coordinator, and I just plan on following in everybody's footsteps, making sure that other students feel welcomed and safe and comfortable, and that we're an inclusive space and people can come talk to us.


Name: Dillon Riley

Year: Class of 2025

Major: Communication Arts

Why I ran: I am coming back for my third semester - second year - as a senator. My goal is to create a community-based kind of environment where we are a resource, and we're not just the face that’s kind of the dictator of everything, but people you can come to for help - for resources. Because I feel like we don't provide resources for the organizations, and we have the ability to provide resources, and they don't flourish the way they should, and we're doing a disservice to them. So I think making that our mission is to serve not just the organizations, but the community, the student body as a whole, and just being a face that people can come to.


Name: Billy Hubert

Year: Class of 2024

Major: Environmental Studies and Sustainability

Why I ran: I was a senator this current semester and last semester, and I find it very fun, and I like to help people and I hope to do that next year. I hope to diversify our group. Like I hope not to have entirely, all white males [on SGA]. And I hope to make everyone feel included.


Name: Michael Trueswell

Year: Class of 2025

Major: History

Why I ran: I ran because I wanted to be more involved with the campus community and to be more active with everything. I'm still getting an idea for how it all works.



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