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SGA allocates over $6,000 to Community Service Club

By Mark Wadland

SGA allocated $6,240 to the Community Service Club for Service Spring Break, a Ave-day trip to Worcester, which is available to everyone on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The trip will be held from March 13-18. Food for 15 students and a chaperone will cost $2,460. The van will cost $1,170. Lodging at the Best Western Hotel for Ave nights will cost $2,333. T-shirts will cost $277.

The FSU Dance Team requested and was allocated $2,646 for 600 T-shirts, which will be distributed over the course of two dance shows on Dec. 11 and 13.

The Diversity Dance Crew requested and was allocated $2,390 for costumes to wear during their dance show on Dec. 5. The dance crew was allocated $1,012 for T-shirts, $300 for sweatpants, $125 for fabric, $100 for bandanas, $78 for leggings, $500 for a performance arts group that will perform at the show, $200 for flags and props and $75 for programs.

SILD requested and received $2,000 for a card reader for the Green Room in DPAC. According to Associate Director of SILD Claire Ostrander, students have experienced difficulty accessing the room. They must call Campus Police to unlock and lock the room, which not only takes time, but also should not be a priority for Campus Police.

In other news:

• SGA promoted Ezequiel de Leon and Toeg Perkins to Senators-at-Large, and approved the constitution of The Loudest Minds Club.

• At open forum, an SGA senator said some students in the Food and Nutrition program have been unable to take classes they need. Another SGA senator said some students would like Dining Services to remain open one hour later.


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