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SGA discusses Marathon Monday and class registration

By Molly Dubrowski

SGA discussed registration concerns during the open forum on Tuesday, March 28.

One of the concerns expressed during the meeting was courses that were put onto myframingham on Friday, resulting in insufficient time to allow students to create their schedules in time for advising, which starts this week for juniors and honors students.

Senator Mike O’Brien, said, “Some classes only have one section with 20 seats, but there are over 100 people with the same concentration in that major that need that class. The University needs to take into account the proportion of those students who need those courses in order to graduate and make sections based on that.”

Senator Steve DeMeo expressed his concern regarding the old basketball hoop behind North Hall and the need for it to be replaced since many students will start playing basketball outside as the weather continues to get warmer.

The nutrition club requested $296.80 for event T-shirts for their Nutrition Career Symposium. They requested 35 event-specific shirts, but were funded the entire amount given that they will hand out non-specific club T-shirts.

Tyler Carden, nutrition club treasurer, said having the T-shirts is a good way to represent the club and promote the organization.

Senator Adam Scanlon and Karl Bryan, student trustee, brought up other ideas for merchandise clubs could request instead of T-shirts. Bryan suggested water bottles to promote their club.

Community Standards Director Jay Hurtubise and Keith Strange, FSUPD assistance safety officer, discussed Marathon Monday during open forum.

Strange said, “Every year one of my jobs is to help with planning Marathon Monday. One of the largest parties you can ever throw, involving 150 cops, seven different agencies. It’s kind of a nightmare planning it all.”

FSUPD and Community Standards were asking for assistance from SGA on Marathon Monday.

Hurtubise said. “In the last few years, the police department has seen a spike in activity by some of our fellow students here at Framingham State. The police officers are not there to start a war. They know they are outnumbered already.”

Hurtubise and Strange discussed ways to keep the FSU community clean and safe.

Strange said a house party that occurred on Marathon Monday last year got out of hand. Many officers were angry about the mess left by students which included empty alcohol containers, urine and feces, and they wanted the students to be responsible for the cleanup.

Strange said he wants the FSU community to have fun on Marathon Monday and remain safe.

Club treasurer Maddie Alper passed o& the U-Rock Award to senator of the class of 2018 Brianna Goulet.



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