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SGA discusses self-care stations around campus

By Naidelly Coelho

News Editor

SGA discussed self-care vending machines and access to the Athletic Center on weekends at its Oct. 10 meeting.

During the open forum, Senator Chris Brown expressed concern about the hours of the Athletic Center on weekends.

The Athletic Center is open on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

“I feel like it should be a 24-hour fitness center,” he said.

Brown suggested providing keycard access to the gym so students can work out at any time of the day.

Vice President Raffi Elkhoury said the gym will be a focus of SGA for the year.

Senator Raena Doty asked if SGA could support a program that provides free menstrual products in restrooms across campus.

There have been places, such as the Henry Whittemore Library, which have started this initiative.

“That was a really great program and I think it would really benefit students,” she said.

Senator Cesar Matos said healthcare product stations, the self-care vending machines, can be found in the McCarthy Center and at the Whittemore Library.

This initiative was founded in 2020 by the Health Center and Support. Education. Action. Leadership. Strength. (S.E.A.L.S.) peer health educators, according to the FSU website.

During new business, President Evelyn Campbell swore in a new senator, Isabelle (Izzy) Berube.

Berube said she thinks “it's really important as part of Student Government to represent everybody as best as we can.”

Berube said she as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, “I just feel like it's important to have people to represent different parts of the community.”

She said student spirit is lacking and she hopes she can raise that.

“I feel like if you chose to go to this school - we should all be excited to be here,” she said.

During officers' reports, Student Trustee Ryan Mikelis said an Open Forum for the Board of Trustees will be available for students coming up in the next couple of weeks.

There are four available days that need to be narrowed down to only one for the open forum. The dates are either Oct. 18 or 19 or Nov. 1 or 2, Milkelis said.

He said the meeting is not required but it would be good for SGA members to be there.

During the Vice President's Report, Elkhoury said Sodexo Dining Services has launched a satisfaction survey for students.

He said students should take advantage of the survey. The satisfaction survey will be open for two weeks.

He added there is a General Education Review Committee Open Forum on Oct. 17 at 4 p.m. He said it’s a good opportunity for students to voice their opinions about the general education requirements.

During the Advisor’s Report, Meghan Larkin said a number of new clubs and organizations have been approved, including Dungeons and Dragons Club, Chess Club, Martial Arts Club, Knitting Club, Salvation Youth Club, and African Student Organization.

Larkin said senators should be checking their email for information about senators’ responsibilities.

“I just want to emphasize that if you choose to be here, and something's not clear, you have a lot of resources in your inbox,” she said.

During the Secretary’s Report, Anna Risotti said attendance will start being taken for senators and they should log their officer hours.

Campbell said if senators or other students have any questions, there is a dropbox outside of the SGA office where they can write down their questions or concerns. The SGA office is located at McCarthy Center room 404.

She said either she or Elkhoury will be reaching out to those leaving messages in the dropbox.

Elkhoury said, “Every single new senator here, they rock for being here.”

He said he is “excited” to see all the accomplishments SGA has for the year.

“We're just absolutely killing it. You're bringing your own personality to your role, and that makes it really special.”

Elkhoury presented the “U-Rock” to Risotti for her great organizational skills and for making his role as vice president easier.

[Editor's Note: Raena Doty is an Arts & Features Editor for The Gatepost.]



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