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SGA endorses school spirit

By Tessa Jillson

SGA discussed student concerns and Framingham State pride during their first open forum of the semester on Sept. 26.

Senator Isaac Vu said he would love to see the campus become more accessible. He suggested when walking up the hills on campus, more people should be “willing to help people with disabilities.”

Molly Fennessey, class and club treasurer, said she would like the campus to hire a company to conduct a tree safety inspection after noticing a giant tree branch broke and fell by O’Connor Hall.

Vice President Jack Capello brought back last week’s conversation regarding better communication with the student body. He said he hopes the feedback he received from the President’s Council will address current issues and build better relationships with clubs on campus.

President Kyle Rosa announced the library will extend its hours during finals week, opening at 7:30 a.m. and closing at 2 a.m.

Secretary Bridget Green originally wanted “massive noise sticks” for Homecoming Weekend, but after talking to Executive Vice President Dale Hamel and representatives from SILD and the athletic department, her request was denied due to NCAA regulations concerning excessive noise.

“We could have cost the football team fifteen yards anytime anyone hit [the massive noise sticks] together,” Green said, adding it would give the University a “very bad image.”

Instead, Green plans to purchase 750 vinyl streamer pompoms at 99 cents apiece, costing $800, not including setup and shipping charges.

Parliamentarian Ben Carrington said he thinks pompoms are a great idea since they will “foster a sense of pride” on campus and will “encourage people to get more involved.”

SGA allocated the money for the pompoms request.

Green said she will be handing out the pompoms at the pep rally Friday night in the lobby.

Green moved to allocate $200 to the Psychology Club for Breast Cancer Awareness bracelets as long as 6nances were approved for speci6c funding requests.

Vu was awarded Senator of the Month.

Faculty advisor Amanda Haskins presented the U-rock award to Green.

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