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SGA has success with COVID-19 Care Bag Project

Haley Hadge

SGA approved an Onyx funding request for its Spring issue, participated in a Capital Planning exercise, and reflected on their recent success distributing their COVID-19 care bags, during its meeting Feb. 23.

Onyx Editor-in-Chief Olivia Banks requested $2,100 in order to print 100 copies of the student-run literary magazine.

“I think it’s really important for students to be able to express themselves,” said Banks.

The Onyx has been operating for 50 years, she said. It is important that it is printed so that students can bring it to job interviews and archive their published work.

Senator Emma Sullivan moved to allocate the requested additional funds.

SGA approved the request.

SGA’s senators participated in a Capital Planning exercise with Dale Hamel, executive vice president.

This exercise gave the senators the opportunity to provide “constituent input” regarding prospective projects around the FSU campus, Hamel explained.

Specifically, this involves ranking the 22 projects presented in order of importance in order to distribute the $200,000 of allocated funds, said Hamel.

Some of the prospective projects presented include exterior lighting priorities from the anticipated Safety Walk, DPAC Lighting improvements, and installation of additional lighting to third-floor classrooms in the Danforth School, said Hamel.

Additionally, Hamel asked SGA senators to consider projects such as upgrading furniture, priority paving, and replacing of ceiling tiles, carpeting, or windows.

Moreover, SGA has unallocated funds that may be contributed to the completion of the project requests, said President Olivia Beverlie.

During open forum, SATF Treasurer Ewnie Fedna said, “The dining hall has taken a turn for the worse.”

They have decreased their services, including reducing hours, discontinuing serving breakfast at the Ram’s Den Grille, and closing the Snack Bar, according to Fedna.

Despite these reductions in service, students are still being charged the same amount as in past years, she added.

Fedna asked, If the quality of the food isn’t improving and the locations to access food are decreasing, “then is it fair for us to still be getting charged the same amount?”

Also during open forum, Sullivan said there is an issue regarding the Education major placements in “Field III.”

Half of her class has not yet been placed into a school, she said. “We need the experience – we can’t get teaching jobs without it.”

She said it is frustrating that the department is taking applications for next semester when there are still students who haven’t been placed this semester.

Secretary Lexi Kays said she is currently a student teacher, and she “was not prepared for what the experience was going to be like.”

Senator Raffi Elkhoury said the COVID-19 Care Bag Project was successful – they distributed

approximately 1,215 bags to the FSU community.

Beverlie began her president’s report by thanking everyone who helped set up and hand out the COVID-19 care bags.

With supplies left over, “Hopefully, we’ll be able to do that again later in the semester,” she said.

Beverlie said she is working with SILD to send out a Google form about communal art supplies for the club rooms so that people don’t have to pay out of pocket.

During her Secretary’s Report, Kays thanked those who attended the “Big Budget” meeting and said she was “proud” of everyone.

Outreach and Events Coordinator Mariah Farris said she reached out to Ben and Jerry’s for a possible fundraiser collaboration.

For Women’s History Month, Diversity and Inclusion Oacer Paola Bilbraut said she is hoping to

collaborate with SILD and the CIE to conduct a movie drive-in.

SGA Advisor Sara Gallegos said Student Union Activities Board (SUAB) is undertaking a fundraiser for St. Jude’s Hospital.

“They’re raising money to have people pied,” she said.

Marcie Dineen, area director of Miles Bibb Hall and Linsley Hall, and Mike Bailey, hockey coach, have already been pied, she said. Next up is Ann McDonald, general counsel for the University.

“To cap it off, the last one is going to be Dr. Lorretta Holloway,” said Gallegos.

Holloway is the vice president for enrollment and student development.

Donations can be made on SUAB’s Instagram, she said.

For Women’s History Month, Gallegos is putting on an event about Christa McAuliffe on March 11. She said, “It’s not just about the Challenger itself – it’s about her and her journey.”

Elkhoury was the recipient of this week’s “U- Rock.”


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