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Student arrested, charged with kidnapping

By James Sheridan

A resident student was arrested on Feb. 16 for assault and battery as well as kidnapping his girlfriend, according to a Framingham State University police report.

According to the report, filed by Officer Laurie MacDonald, the alleged victim alleged that during an argument, student Malik Davis refused to let her leave his dorm room by physically restraining her.

According to the report, the alleged victim said Davis grabbed her by her wrists after she picked up his phone. After he grabbed her “tightly so she couldn’t move,” she struggled, and the two ended up on the fIoor.

After they fell on the fIoor, Davis allegedly sat behind her with his legs entangled with hers to prevent her from moving off the fIoor. The alleged victim told MacDonald that Davis put her in a chokehold while sitting behind her. He let go of her after the victim threw his phone.

The alleged victim also told MacDonald she was unable to leave the room because Davis stood in front the door.

The alleged victim told MacDonald that Davis then pushed her into a chair and threw her onto his roommate’s bed, holding her arms down until she was able to call for help and bang on the door.

A resident assistant arrived at Davis’ room and contacted the Framingham State University Police Department.

Officer Edward Maguire spoke with Davis and obtained a statement that was, according to MacDonald’s report, “nearly identical” to the alleged victim’s account. Davis, however, denied choking the alleged victim and denied pushing her into a chair.

Maguire placed Davis under arrest and he was transported to Framingham Police Department (FPD). Davis was served with interim suspension paperwork while at FPD and his student ID was deactivated.

According to the Framingham District Court record, Davis was arraigned on Feb. 18 and was released without bail.

Judge Jennifer Stark ordered Davis not to contact the alleged victim. Davis’ pretrial conference is scheduled for April 16.

When contacted by The Gatepost, Davis declined to comment.

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