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The Gatepost Editorial: Not just a community, but a family

Leighah Beausoleil / THE GATEPOST

By The Gatepost Editorial Board

After a long winter with freezing temperatures and heavy snowstorms, spring is here at last.

Thanks to facility workers, the flowers are planted, the windows are washed and decorated with festive drawings, and the green lawns are coming back to life.

Our campus is looking more beautiful than ever for the admitted students days, known as Rams Rising.

Rams Rising are two wonderful weekends for FSU to demonstrate exactly what is important to us - community.

As students travel from near and far to visit our beloved campus, we have a chance to display what we are the best at - coming together to make an impact.

Over the next two weekends, students, faculty, and staff will dedicate their time to showing prospective students exactly why we love Framingham State so much.

Faculty and students from a variety of departments will host informative presentations and greet future majors.

Student organizations will bring out brochures and merchandise to promote their activities and show pride for their group.

Admissions tour guides will lead groups of prospective students around campus buildings to explore their future educational spaces and places of residency.

Dining Services will prepare delicious food for visitors.

Admissions will share invaluable informational sessions and prepare for admitted student deposits.

The Gatepost will also be in attendance on both Rams Rising days to share with prospective students our little piece of FSU’s legacy.

Nearly every department at FSU will take part in ensuring our future fRAMily members are welcomed.

At a time during the semester when people can be especially busy, it is refreshing to see so many FSU community members gather to express their black and gold pride.

Rams Rising is a time to emphasize our sense of pride and community that exists on our hardworking campus year round.

As students, faculty, and staff work to make this big day successful, we should not forget that this is what we do every day when we teach and learn in classes, attend and put on campus events, and do all our normal tasks that make the University run smoothly.

The facility workers who planted the flowers to decorate the campus for the incoming visitors work several hours every day to ensure our campus is clean and safe.

The admissions staff who planned Rams Rising work every day throughout the year to recruit new students and plan more exciting events.

Our love for and dedication to Framingham State is ever present.

An event that welcomes our future fRAMily members is the perfect time for this love and dedication to be renewed as we show them that FSU truly is a family.

As prospective students tour various institutions, what will stand out to them about Framingham State is our commitment to students and our friendly, supportive community.

What is evident about Framingham State is that we strive to create a warm, welcoming, inclusive culture for all students, faculty, and staff.

Over the next two weekends, we hope this event shows prospective students how hardworking, passionate, and dedicated members of the Framingham State community can be.

This is why we love FSU.


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