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The Gatepost Editorial: Ram to Ram advice

By The Gatepost Editorial Board

It’s the second week of the semester, and as a new student, you’re likely already familiar with a lot of FSU routines.

However, while there are many pieces of information new students may learn during orientation, they might miss or forget some of them because they are situational and could seem negligible.

This does not mean this information is not critical. And It is often essential to student life.

For example, students are often left wondering how to log onto the Wifi, where to find a meal late at night, and how to find information about student organizations.

For students who are looking for a meal after dining commons hours, or for a to-go option, RAMS.on the.RUN. is an alternative solution available through meal plans. Students can pick a sandwich, wrap, or a salad, along with a side, and a drink.

Sandella’s is open Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Another common question new students have is how to print. Printing is easy. To print, upload a PDF or a Word Doc to your MyFramingham account under the “printing” page. Once it is uploaded, head to any of the print stations on campus and log onto your MyFramingham account on a printing computer and press print.

There are printing computers on the ground level, upper, and lower level floors of the library, the student lounge in McCarthy Center, and the IT Center in Hemenway Hall.

Also, to always be prepared for a laptop issue, it’s important to know how to get a loaner replacement.

If you purchased a laptop through Framingham State, you are eligible for free repairs, and to borrow a loaner from IT Services as long as it’s being fixed at the Technology Resource Center in the Whittemore Library.

On the other hand, if an independently owned laptop is damaged, you can request a loaner from the office of Lorretta Holloway in Dwight Hall 306, who provides loaner laptops to students unable to use their own.

Aside from technology issues, knowing how to find your professors to discuss coursework, or homework struggles, or just to chat, is also crucial to being a successful college student.

Your syllabi should list your professors’ office hours and emails.

To make an appointment with your professor, you can email them or set up a meeting through Starfish.

Starfish can be found on the MyFramingham site using your issued login. Once you are on the page, look under “my connections” and search for your desired professor's name. Then. you will be prompted to make an appointment.

Starfish is also a great resource for making appointments with CASA and the career center.

CASA is the Center for Academic Success and Achievement. It is located across Horace Mann Hall and behind Pierce Hall. This is the place for students to find academic tutoring and disability accommodations.

After health center hours, there is also a “self-care vending machine” on the third floor of the McCarthy Center next to the elevator that contains all kinds of necessary free resources. Students searching for a quick COVID-19 test, masks, tampons, condoms, or Tylenol, can use the self-care vending machine on weekends and between the hours of 5 p.m. and 9 a.m. on weekdays.

The counseling center is located in Foster Hall and provides counseling that is covered under your tuition and fees. It is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday for counseling sessions. You can set up an appointment on Zoom, by phone, or in person by emailing

The counseling center is also available for same day consultations and crisis and emergency support.

If you have any additional questions about resources on campus or what’s new, the Dean of Students Office is an important resource on campus, located on the fifth floor of McCarthy.

The Gatepost, your student newspaper, is also happy to answer any questions you may have. We are published weekly and strive to provide essential news to the campus community.

The Student Government Association holds bi-weekly open forums for students to share their concerns about campus. This is a safe space for students to learn about resources and bring their concerns to the attention of the University administration.

Starting at a new school and being a student at a University in general is not easy.

But there are resources here on campus that are here to help you to succeed.


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