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Women’s rugby to play in New England Collegiate Cup on Saturday

By Nick Quaglia

The women’s rugby team at Framingham State University has experienced much success in their 2015 campaign.

The team has battled in their first seven matches, and has now marched their way to a 6-1 record. As the team opened up at Wellesley this season, the goal was to make this season count.

The few who lead this team include juniors Karley Newton and Kaleigh Simonds, whom are also led by the team’s head captain, senior Theresa Scruton.

Scruton has been involved with this team since her freshman year and has had the opportunity to watch the program grow.

During 2012 season, the team was only able to gather a total of 10 girls, but the league minimum is 15. Due to the lack of participants, the team was forced to forfeit every game, technically causing the team to have a completely defeated season.

Since then, the team has grown and now has a total of 23 players.

The team opened up the 2015 season in Wellesley.

The team displayed potential beginning the season with their first victory with a convincing 41- 25 win over the former number one team in the league.

Since then, the team has now come together as they marched through the rest of the league, not allowing a single point until their first loss, which came just last weekend against the University of New Haven.

Some convincing victories came in enormous shutouts including against the formerly ranked number two team, WPI, 87-0 and Brandeis University, 108-0.

Much of this success stems from experienced coaching. Head coach Andrea Vogt is in her third year with the team.

Vogt is a former player herself as an alumna of Norwich University. She has been described by Scruton as “amazing”.

As the team’s final days approach, senior Lauren Staples said, “It’s been a great four years. ... We’ve had a lot of success this season and hopefully more girls will fall in love with the sport like we did”.

The women’s team will play in this weekend’s New England Collegiate Cup against Endicott.


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